Benefits of One on One Tutoring

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How TZ distinguishes itself…

One-on-one tutoring has many advantages over group tutoring. One-on-one tutoring is more focused and versatile than group tutoring. With group tutoring, tutors focus on more general concepts. They often have to reteach material some of the students already understand. Its hard for the tutor to explain the concepts in a way each student can understand because of the diversity of each group. With one-on-one tutoring, the tutor can develop a study plan to strengthen the students’ weaknesses, enabling the student to combat issues directly. If the student is having trouble understanding a concept, the tutor can spend more time explaining the concept in a way that the student can understand. The tutor also helps to build an infrastructure for studying at home that best suits the student own preferences for learning. Students can also get help with more than one subject with one-on-one tutoring. If they have a math and a chemistry test the next day, but feel strongly on about math, they can quickly go through the math concepts that aren’t understood and spend the rest of the time focusing on chemistry.

One on one tutoring keeps students focused and engaged in the lesson, allowing the students to use their time more efficiently. When in groups, many kids are overly self-conscious of what their peers think. They do not ask as many question and they do not engage in the conversation for the fear of feeling stupid or being laughed at. As many teachers would contest, students are also more likely to get distracted by their friends and engage in side conversations. One-on-one tutoring cuts out these distractions, giving students more bang for their buck.

Another benefit of one-on-one tutoring is that each student can choose a tutor that best suits his or her liking. The session is a lot more enjoyable and more can be accomplished if the if the student likes the person who is tutoring him/her. The students will stay more focused on their work rather than how much they dislike the tutor.

Included is a complementary TZ lesson plan for your enjoyment. For more information about our onsite tutoring go to Tutor Zone. If you are interested in online tutoring go to our viral site MyTutorZone.

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Tutor Zone Methodology

Many tutoring organizations can claim to have individualized instruction, but Tutor Zone is one tutoring center that promises one full hour of one-on-one tutoring. This gives the opportunity for the student and tutor to work on concepts they are struggling with. Furthermore, your child will work with the same tutor every single time which allows them to build a solid relationship with one another.

Why Tutor Zone

Tutor Zone has been a place that has helped solidify skills for students for more than 10 years. We understand students may not want to go to tutoring. However, our methods and our approach towards education make learning enjoyable. This is one place we assure parents their children will love coming to. Each individualized lessons breaks down concepts in step by step making sure students grasp the concept and don't just memorize.