Placentia/Yorba Linda

img_2425Manuel Bermudez

CEO and Yorba Linda Branch Manager

Manuel graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 2008 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Finance and in 2013 received a Masters in Business Administration from Cal State Fullerton.

Manuel currently serves on the Board of Directors for the company, Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation as Education Chair.

andreaAndrea Feo

College: University of California, Irvine

Placentia Branch Manager

Major: English

Andrea traveled to France for 9 months at the age of 7. Andrea’s talents include: singing, dancing, and playing the cello.

idaAida Dadashzadeh

College: Cal State Fullerton

Subjects: All Subjects

Major: Bio-Chemistry

Aida aspires to become a dentist once she finishes school.



Ariel Estavillo

College: Cal State University, Fullerton

Subjects: Mathematics

Major: Kinesiology

After graduating with her undergraduate, Ariel plans on completing a Master’s program and becoming a Physician’s Assistant.


Benjamin Lyons

College: Fullerton College

Subjects: Math, Writing, French

Major: Linguistics

Benjamin plans to teach English in Asia, including Taiwan and Korea.  He aspires to eventually travel the world teaching English and learning new languages.

conradConrad Frommelt

College: Biola University

Subjects: Math, Science, and English

Major: Psychology

Conrad plans on going to graduate school and getting his Master’s degree in Counseling. He hopes to one day get his Marriage and Family Therapist License so that he can work with families.

desmondDesmond Vest

College: Cal State Fullerton

Subjects: Math, Economics, English/Writing

Major: Economics

Desmond plans on using his degree in economics to gain enough knowledge about the business world in order to open a barbershop one day.

henryHenry Pham

College: Cal State Fullerton

Subjects: All Math Levels

Major: Civil Engineering

Zion National Park in Utah is one of Henry’s most memorable trips because of the “outrageous” rock formations. As an aspiring civil engineer, it is his dream to work on a metropolitan project.


Hilary Bracken

College: Cal State Fullerton and Columbia University

Subjects: History, English, Algebra, SAT Reading

Major: English and American Studies

In her spare time, Hilary enjoys watching soccer and considers herself a popular culture enthusiast.


Sharise Reid

College: Cal State Fullerton

Subjects: Chemistry, Algebra, and Biology

Major: Bio Chemistry

Sharise plans on getting her esthetician license after she graduates to further pursue her dermatology goals.

zoeZoe Kline-Koenig

College: Cal State Fullerton

Subjects: SAT, Math, English, and Science

Major: Political Science

Zoe aspires to become a high school History teacher after she graduates from university.

Tutor Zone Methodology

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Why Tutor Zone

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