Summer at Tutor-Zone


Tutor-Zone Summer Hours

Monday/Wednesday: 11:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M.
Tuesday/Thursday: 1:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.

Our focus will be to keep our students academically active so they can progress forward rather than regress from all the material learned in the previous school year. We will bring the structure of a course to a one-on-one setting by teaching a new lesson every session from one of our summer programs. Our students will receive homework to reinforce the concepts recently learned and a quiz will start off each lesson to be sure they are ready for new material.

Cost: $35/hour or $30/hour if the student attends twice a week during the summer only.




Other Summer Programs Offered:


PRE-K LEARN AND PLAY (Click for more info)

If you’re in the mood for…

• Setting up a strong foundation for reading, writing, and math
• Learning through play
• Creating a love for education

Mission Statement: Understanding the fundamentals of phonics, math, and reading, through hands-on activities.

RISING READERS (Click for more info)

If you feel like…

• Reading with a purpose
• Expressing opinions
• Thinking critically
• Building on prior knowledge
• Connecting concepts and ideas

Mission Statement: Extracting the most from a text through fundamentals and the implementation of reading strategies.

WRITERS OF TOMORROW (Click for more info)

If you want to…

• Express creativity
• Expand vocabulary
• Explore various writing styles
• Support a point of view

Mission Statement: Building writing fitness through a systematic and topical process that results in an educational leverage.

MATH ADVANCE (Click for more info)

If you’re in the mood for…

• Learning how to approach problems before solving
• Applying concepts to real life experiences
• Mastering next year’s concepts
• Reasoning answers

Mission Statement: Implementing various modalities of learning as students thoughtfully and critically engage with the problem at hand.

EL VERANO EN TUTOR ZONE (Click for more info)

If you feel like…

• Striving to be bilingual from an early age
• Defending yourself in basic conversations

Mission Statement: Building a foundation for entry level Spanish allowing the student to use practical Spanish needed for everyday activities

CHEMISTRY ADVANCE (Click for more info)

If you’re in the mood for…

• Discovering how atoms and chemicals behave
• Building a foundation for a Chemistry course
• Applying science to aspects of everyday life

Mission Statement: Understanding the importance of chemistry in everyday life through the introduction of key concepts and application of each concept to life as we know it.


Dissect your way through …

• The intricacies of DNA and RNA
• The classification of species
• How Biology affects our surroundings

Mission Statement: Developing a deep understanding of core concepts that branch off to the many details in a High School level class.


Cost of summer program will continue at $35 per hour with a discount of $30 per hour if student enrolls in two hours or more a week. This is only a Summer Program special. Students can enroll in additional programs for the same hourly rate enjoying the discount. For example, a student can do Math Advance for an hour a week and Writers of Tomorrow for another hour and enjoy the $30 an hour discount.

If there is a need to cancel a session, must cancel by 9am to avoid fees such as a $35 No Show fee or $15 Late Cancellation fee.

Tutor Zone Methodology

Many tutoring organizations can claim to have individualized instruction, but Tutor Zone is one tutoring center that promises one full hour of one-on-one tutoring. This gives the opportunity for the student and tutor to work on concepts they are struggling with. Furthermore, your child will work with the same tutor every single time which allows them to build a solid relationship with one another.

Why Tutor Zone

Tutor Zone has been a place that has helped solidify skills for students for more than 10 years. We understand students may not want to go to tutoring. However, our methods and our approach towards education make learning enjoyable. This is one place we assure parents their children will love coming to. Each individualized lessons breaks down concepts in step by step making sure students grasp the concept and don't just memorize.